Special coverage: November 2022 Solano County election

Special coverage: November 2022 Solano County election

A general election will be held on Nov. 8, 2022, with local elections for three Vallejo City Council seats, two Benicia city council seats, Vallejo school board, Vacaville mayor, Solano County supervisor, multiple sales tax measures, and more.  Use this page to explore the Vallejo Sun's coverage as the election approaches.

Vallejo City Council elections for Districts 2, 4 and 5

This election is the first time three Vallejo city council districts will be represented on the council. The districts were created when Vallejo moved to district-based elections from citywide seats in 2019.

Vallejo decided to adopt council districts after receiving a challenge letter from Southern California based-lawyer Kevin Shenkman in September 2018. Shenkman argued that the city’s at-large election format violated the California Voting Rights Act because there were no African American or Latino councilmembers on the council.

  • Four residents are seeking to represent District 2 in North Vallejo. They include Planning Commissioner Diosdado “JR” Matulac; Cassandra James, who serves on the Housing and Community Development Commission; local realtor Don Jordan; and community advocate Garrett Toles.
  • District 4, which includes Mare Island, downtown and the northern Waterfront, has generated the most buzz over the last year. Four men are running for the seat: former Vallejo school board Trustee Ruscal Cayangyang,  Planning Commissioner Charles Palmares, former Planning Commissioner Chris Platzer and community advocate Ravi Shankar.
  • Five candidates are vying to represent District 5, which covers Vallejo from Sereno Drive to Curtola Parkway between Interstate 80 and Sonoma Boulevard. They include local businesswoman Tara Beasley-Stansberry, Planning Commissioner Melissa Bowman, healthcare administrator Peter Bregenzer, college career advisor Tanya Hall, and business owner Dwight Monroe Jr.

Click on your district on the map below to find out more about the election:

District 4 District 5 District 2 District 1 - no election in 2022 District 6 - no election in 2022 District 3 - no election in 2022

Upcoming candidate forums:

District 5 - Sept. 28

There will be a candidates forum for District 5, Central Vallejo, hosted by the Leachman Park Neighborhood Association at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

  • John F. Kennedy Library, Joseph Room, 505 Santa Clara St.

District 5 - Oct. 4

There will be a candidates night for District 5, Central Vallejo, hosted by the Washington Park Neighborhood Association and Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

  • Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church, 833 Louisiana St.

District 4 - Oct. 8

A forum for District 4, Downtown Vallejo and Mare Island, candidates will be held at Suite Treatments at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 8.

The forum is the third hosted by the 411 Series Vallejo Seeking Solutions group, which is led by community advocates Liat Meitzenheimer, Mishel Deniz Adolph, Kimberly Nunez-Brandao, and Askari Sowonde.

  • Suite Treatments, 3729 Sonoma Blvd.

Past candidate forums:

District 2 - Sept. 17

A forum for District 2, North Vallejo, candidates was be held at the Church of Christ on Saturday, Sept. 17.

The forum was the second hosted by the 411 Series Vallejo Seeking Solutions group, which is led by community advocates Liat Meitzenheimer, Mishel Deniz Adolph, Kimberly Nunez-Brandao, and Askari Sowonde.

District 5 - Sept. 10

A forum for District 5, Central Vallejo, candidates was held at Bridgeway Church on Saturday, Sept. 10.

The forum was the first hosted by the 411 Series Vallejo Seeking Solutions group, which is led by community advocates Liat Meitzenheimer, Mishel Deniz Adolph, Kimberly Nunez-Brandao, and Askari Sowonde.

All districts - Aug. 30

Candidates from all three races participated in a candidates' forum held at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

District 4 - Aug. 13

The four men vying to represent District 4 introduced themselves during a candidates' forum hosted by the St. Vincent’s Neighborhood Coalition.

Benicia City Council

Five candidates are running for two seats on the Benicia City Council this fall.  Council incumbents Lionel Largaespada and Christina Strawbridge are both seeking re-election. Planning commissioner Kari Birdseye, who was defeated by Largaespada and Strawbridge in 2018, is running again, while retired executive Terry Scott and retired teacher William Innes have also launched campaigns.

As Benicia does not have election districts for its council, the top two vote-getters will be elected to the council.

Benicia City Council candidate forum - Oct. 12

A forum for Benicia City Council candidates hosted by the League of Women Voters of Solano County will be held at the Benicia Senior Citizen's Center at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

  • Benicia Senior Citizen's Center, 187 L St., Benicia

Candidate profiles:

Planning commissioner Kari Birdseye believes Benicia City Council needs new leadership
Kari Birdseye believes it’s time for new leadership in the city of Benicia. The longtime planning commissioner is running for a seat on the Benicia City Council this fall to bring change to the city she has called home for 22 years.
Retired public educator running for Benicia council says candidates not ‘palatable’
William “Billy” Innes Innes has thrown his hat into the ring seeking one of the two seats up for grabs this fall.
Largaespada wants second term to show how much further Benicia community can go
Ahead of his election to the Benicia City Council in 2018, Lionel Largaespada said he was running for office “to pass along an even better Benicia to the next generation.”
Retired executive Terry Scott running for Benicia council to bring ‘overdue change’
Retired corporate executive Terry Scott believes maintaining the status quo has harmed the city of Benicia so he is seeking election to the Benicia City Council to bring about what he calls much needed change.
Strawbridge seeks third term on Benicia City Council
Longtime Benicia councilmember Christina Strawbridge believes her voice is still needed on the city council.

Vallejo school board

The only Vallejo Unified School District Board of Education trustee area that will be on the ballot in November is Trustee Area 5, which represents southeast Vallejo. Like the city council, the school board moved to trustee areas instead of citywide elections in 2018.

Three candidates are running for the seat, including two incumbents. Current trustees John Fox and Tony Gross, both elected in 2018 before the district moved to trustee areas, are challenged by Ajit S. Bhandal, who is listed on the ballot as a naturopathic practitioner.

Vallejo school board candidate forum - Oct. 4

A Vallejo school board candidates forum will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at Emmanuel Apostolic Church at 900 Sixth St.

The forum is hosted by the 411 Series Vallejo Seeking Solutions group, which is led by community advocates Liat Meitzenheimer, Mishel Deniz Adolph, Kimberly Nunez-Brandao, and Askari Sowonde.

  • Emmanuel Apostolic Church, 900 Sixth St.

Candidate profiles:

Teacher John Fox seeks re-election to Vallejo school board
Trustee John Fox is asking voters for another term on the Vallejo school board so he can “continue the hard work and keep the momentum this board has established.”
Longtime Vallejo educator Tony Gross seeks second term on school board
Gross is seeking a second term “to continue to improve the city’s public education system.”

Ballot measures

Vallejo Measure P

In Vallejo, voters will decide on Measure P, a proposed seven-eighths-cent sales tax increase. City officials say the tax hike would generate $18 million annually for the city’s general fund and would be used  to address blight, illegal dumping, homelessness, roads, provide fire and police protection, and keep public spaces clean.

Vallejo councilmember Cristina Arriola leads campaign against proposed sales tax hike
Vallejo councilmember Cristina Arriola has signed her name to the formal argument opposed to the city’s proposed seven-eighths-cent sales tax increase that will go before the voters this fall.

Benicia Measure R

Benicia has placed a three-quarter-cent increase on the November ballot called Measure R. Benicia anticipates the new sales tax rate would generate $5 million more annually. It would be a general tax but the measure’s description states the city will prioritize “repairing, paving and maintaining streets, fixing potholes, improving safe routes to schools and fixing aging storm drains.”

Benicia Measure K

The Benicia City Council also placed Measure K on the ballot to decide whether to extend the duration of an Urban Growth Boundary, which is expected to sunset on Dec. 31, 2023.

Benicia voters first approved the 20-year plan in November 2003 to prevent urban sprawl, and preserve agricultural land and open space in the city. Measure K would allow the Urban Growth Boundary to remain in place until Dec. 31, 2043.

“The Benicia Urban Growth Boundary ("UGB") encouraged a cohesive pattern of urbanization, promoted efficient and orderly growth patterns, supported stability and certainty in long term planning,” the draft ordinance states.