About the Vallejo Sun

Illuminating Solano County

The Vallejo Sun is an independent news publication illuminating Solano County, California. It was founded in 2021 by journalists John Glidden, Brian Krans, and Scott Morris, who saw a need for in-depth reporting about local government, policing, and extremist movements in the region. Glidden left the organization in 2023.

In 2022, the Vallejo Sun formed a partnership with Gretchen Zimmermann and Vallejo Arts & Entertainment to cover the city's rich arts and culture. Over the last two-plus years, the Vallejo Sun has steadily expanded to include a growing number of freelance contributors. See a full list of our contributors here.

Vallejo Sun editor Scott Morris speaks at the Sun's second anniversary forum.

Our mission

At the Vallejo Sun, our mission is to shine a light on the workings of democracy, politics, and government in Solano County. 

We believe that informed communities are better able to engage with their government and contribute to a healthier democracy. Research shows that communities without a strong print or digital news organization have lower voter participation and more corruption. But as media companies shrink around the country, in depth journalism is harder to come by.

The Vallejo Sun recognizes the critical role of journalism in combating misinformation and holding power to account. We aim to create a sustainable space where committed local journalists can practice their craft and keep their community informed.

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity, fairness, and inclusivity in our reporting. We strive to amplify the voices of all community members, particularly those who are historically marginalized or underrepresented, to ensure a robust exchange of ideas and perspectives. We are committed to rigorous fact-checking, transparent corrections, and ethical reporting practices to earn and maintain the trust of our readers.

We work to always have a reporter monitoring public meetings. We work to routinely make records public. While not every meeting will result in an attention-grabbing headline, and not every record produced will have a startling revelation, we work to keep public business public.

We've answered some frequently asked questions about our coverage and operations here.

The Vallejo Sun is owned and operated by journalists

The Sun is collectively owned and operated by journalists and supported by members. It is organized as a Limited Liability Company in California and is fiscally sponsored by the Alternative Newsweekly Foundation.

The Sun accepts cash donations, sells advertising and has more than 600 supporting members. However, its funding sources do not have any editorial control over the publication and all editorial decisions are subject to our editorial independence policy.

It is hosted by Ghost, a nonprofit publishing platform, and is a member of Outpost, a California cooperative venture to support independent publishing.


Our work has been recognized for awards numerous times since our launch in 2022. Here's some of the awards we've won:

  • Two Society of Professional Journalists Northern California awards: Best investigative reporting, for our investigation into Vallejo's ProjectRoomKey program, and best continuing coverage, for our coverage of the Vallejo police badge bending scandal.
  • Three 2022 San Francisco Press Club awards: First place, investigative reporting, for a story on an illegally operating gun club where a would-be terrorist fired automatic weapons; third place, continuing coverage, for our coverage of the Vallejo police killing of Sean Monterrosa; and third place for best news story, for a report on allegations of racism by Vallejo police Sgt. Mat Mustard.
  • Three 2023 San Francisco Press Club awards: Second place, investigative reporting for our story detailing deaths and problems in the city's Project RoomKey program; Second place, best news story for our report on leaked documents that showed why a review officer recommended overturning termination for the Vallejo officer who killed Sean Monterrosa; Second place, best podcast for our eight episode investigative podcast, which covered topics such as Vallejo police, homelessness, and the history of the city's waterfront.
  • Three California News Publisher Association awards: Best podcast; second place, best coverage of local government; second place, best election coverage.
  • Finalist, 2022 Local Independent Online News publishers, outstanding coverage award.

Advisory board

The Vallejo Sun's advisory board includes journalism industry leaders and community members who provide guidance on the publication's editorial direction and business operations.

Ericka Cruz Guevarra is the host of The Bay podcast at KQED. Previously, she served as the show's producer, where her work included a three-part series on policing in Vallejo which won a a Society of Professional Journalists award.

Lance Knobel is co-founder of Berkeleyside and CEO of Cityside. He brings nearly 40 years of journalism experience, including editor-in-chief roles at Management Today and World Link. He is also the founder of Berkeleyside's Uncharted Festival of Ideas.

T. Christian Miller, a reporter for ProPublica, has covered four wars, a presidential campaign, and reported from over two dozen countries. His accolades include two Pulitzer Prizes and three Emmy Awards for investigative reporting featured on PBS Frontline.

Doreen Minkwitz, an independent marketing and advertising consultant, brings over 40 years of experience in radio broadcast promotion, advertising sales, and promotional product marketing and a passion for community engagement.

Mallory Somera, known as DJ Écoutez, is a multimedia producer for KCBS Radio with over 13 years of experience in radio and 25+ years in theater production. As a Filipina American storyteller born and raised in Vallejo, she is dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices through creative collaboration.

Donor transparency

The Vallejo Sun is committed to transparency in how our organization is funded and publishes grants and gifts over $5,000. We accept gifts, grants and sponsorships from individuals, organizations and foundations to support our work. Accepting financial support does not mean we endorse donors or their products, services or opinions.


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Special thanks

  • To Barbara Lilie, for generous early support, wisdom and inspiration.