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  Feb 23, 2024

Vallejo police officer threatened ex-girlfriend’s life, court records allege

Officer Ronald Dupree was arrested by Oakland police on suspicion of felony domestic violence, threats and stalking....

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  Feb 15, 2024

Vallejo police officer arrested for alleged domestic violence

Officer Ronald Dupree was released from jail late Thursday, according to jail records....

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  Feb 14, 2024

Vallejo to suspend police response to ‘unverified’ alarm calls

Interim Vallejo police Chief Jason Ta acknowledged that there is a risk that officers may not respond to an actual crime taking place when the only notification is an unverified alarm....

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  Feb 13, 2024

As Vallejo police use of force escalates, liability claims pile up

Vallejo police statistics show a dramatic rise in use of force by officers and the city has seen an increase in claims filed by civil rights attorneys....

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  Feb 09, 2024

Vallejo neighborhood rattled by SWAT raid

Glen Cove residents say they heard what sounded like gunfire and explosions, police said that was likely beanbag rounds and stun grenades....

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  Jan 31, 2024

What happened to Mat Mustard, the lead Vallejo detective in ‘American Nightmare’?

‘How do I make it so you look like a monster?’ Detective Mat Mustard asks the boyfriend of a kidnapping victim in the Netflix docuseries. Mustard, who was never disciplined for his role in accusing the couple of a hoax, continued to have other controversies....

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  Jan 29, 2024

Vallejo activist arrested during encampment sweep files claim against city

Joey Carrizales alleges that Vallejo police denied him medical attention while he suffered a heart attack....

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  Jan 25, 2024

Attorney for fired Vallejo cop seeks to restrain Vallejo Sun from reporting client’s disciplinary record

Attorney tells Sun to "not do a story" on records publicly posted to the federal court's website....

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  Jan 25, 2024

Vallejo officer fired for Willie McCoy shooting had history of complaints before joining Vallejo police

Ryan McMahon recently completed arbitration proceedings to get his job back in Vallejo and the city is awaiting a final ruling from the arbitrator....

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  Jan 22, 2024

Vallejo police reform case gets new judge

The Justice Department called for the previous judge’s recusal....

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  Jan 15, 2024

Couple claims Vallejo officers dragged unconscious woman from vehicle by hair

The woman was a passenger in the backseat of a vehicle that crashed last year....

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  Jan 12, 2024

American Canyon officer who shot suspect in Vallejo testified in badge bending hearings

Former Vallejo police Officer Josh Coleman was previously involved in four shootings in Vallejo....

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