, May 24, 2022

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  January 31, 2022

Benicia city manager expected to receive 6% raise

Erik Upson was made interim city manager in September 2020....

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  January 27, 2021

Benicia council to approve new contract with Upson

BENICIA – Two weeks after naming Erik Upson as the permanent city manager, the...

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  October 01, 2020

Benicia City Council to approve new employment agreement with Upson

BENICIA — The City Council is expected to approve a new $239,977 employment...

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  September 17, 2020

Tinfow receives $300,000 severance package from city of Benicia

BENICIA – Benicia has agreed to give more than $300,000 in severance...

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  September 08, 2020

Tinfow resigns as Benicia city manager

BENICIA – After three years with Benicia, Lorie Tinfow announced her resignation as...

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  September 06, 2020

Benicia council to evaluate city manger performance

BENICIA – The city council will hold a special meeting Tuesday to discuss...

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