, October 23, 2021

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  October 19, 2021

Vallejo’s Anne Cardwell hired as Napa’s finance director

Napa announced Tuesday that Anne Cardwell has been hired as the city’s finance director....

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  July 10, 2021

Cardwell dodges questions about her future in Vallejo city manager position

VALLEJO – Acting City Manager Anne Cardwell evaded questions on Friday about her future...

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  April 09, 2021

Vallejo sent warning letter to former staff attorney after she was named as a witness in whistleblower complaint

VALLEJO – Randy Risner claims he wasn’t trying to intimidate a former...

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  April 07, 2021

Vallejo searches for new HR lead, while former director is accused of ignoring complaints

VALLEJO – City officials have begun the process of finding a new human...

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  February 19, 2021

Vallejo City Council asked to approve $54,900 for citywide equity study

VALLEJO – In an attempt to understand racial disparities in the community, the Vallejo...

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  February 17, 2021

Deputy City Attorney Dylan Brady leaves Vallejo

VALLEJO – While City Manager Greg Nyhoff deals with the departure of Human Resources...

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