, October 27, 2021

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  September 24, 2021

Vallejo police officer driving truck during Monterrosa shooting is leaving to take job in Napa

Waggoner was named in a federal lawsuit alleging he, along with several other officers, used excessive force to detain Carl Edwards outside his Vallejo building in July 2017....

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  July 07, 2021

Vallejo police captain retires, says crime 'a systemic problem' for city

VALLEJO – Vallejo Police Capt. Joseph Iacono sent a department-wide email last Friday announcing...

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  April 06, 2021

Vallejo city manager confirmed Tonn as shooter days after Monterrosa was killed, emails show

VALLEJO – Five days after Sean Monterrosa was shot dead by Vallejo police...

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  November 16, 2020

Council asked to approve plan to add two deputy police chiefs

VALLEJO – Faced with a depleted command structure inside the Vallejo Police Department,...

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