, October 19, 2021

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Hakeem Brown

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  February 19, 2021

Vallejo City Council asked to approve $54,900 for citywide equity study

VALLEJO – In an attempt to understand racial disparities in the community, the Vallejo...

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  February 09, 2021

Stratton drops commission application; city staff condemns her post

VALLEJO – A candidate for the McCune Collection Commission has withdrawn her application...

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  February 01, 2021

Councilman Brown confronts commission applicant who posted racial slur about him

by John Glidden | Feb. 1, 2021 VALLEJO – Tensions boiled over during a special...

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  October 18, 2020

Grayson, Dew rescind endorsements of Brown's mayoral campaign

VALLEJO – Councilman Hakeem Brown received more bad news over the weekend as both...

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  October 16, 2020

Vallejo Chamber of Commerce pulls support of Brown's mayoral campaign

by John Glidden | Oct. 16, 2020 VALLEJO –The fallout from a recent report...

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  October 15, 2020

Brown still running for mayor amid fallout about criminal past

VALLEJO – Days after a scathing report was released detailing a history of alleged...

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