, October 19, 2021

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  September 29, 2021

Vallejo council approves creation of surveillance committee despite calls to delay vote

Part of the motion establishing the new committee included several changes proposed by Mayor Robert McConnell in response to concerns raised by the American Civil Liberties Union and Oakland Privacy....

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  May 13, 2021

Benicia City Council to mull approving installation of 45 license plate readers throughout city

BENICIA – The Benicia City Council will be asked Tuesday to approve a two-year...

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  April 26, 2021

Numerous police-related items before Vallejo City Council on Tuesday

by John Glidden | April 26, 2021 VALLEJO – Several police-related items will go before...

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  February 05, 2021

Vallejo City Council to mull purchase of 10 license plate readers for Mare Island

VALLEJO – The Vallejo City Council will be asked Tuesday to approve the purchase...

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  October 14, 2020

City staff pushes back council vote on stingray policy

VALLEJO – The Vallejo City Council agreed Tuesday night to delay a highly...

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  October 12, 2020

Council asked to approve cell-site simulator usage and privacy policy

A privacy and usage policy regarding a controversial piece of technology will go...

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