, October 27, 2021

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  March 08, 2021

Vallejo reaches tentative settlement with animal-rights protester

VALLEJO – After making its way through the courts for nearly five years,...

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  October 22, 2020

Nebb expected to receive total compensation package of $358,000 per year as Vallejo's new city attorney

VALLEJO – The hunt for Vallejo’s next city attorney is over as...

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  October 13, 2020

Veronica Nebb expected to be named new city attorney

Veronica Nebb is expected to be named as the new Vallejo city attorney,...

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  December 18, 2019

In Vallejo, police kill with near impunity

Since 2010, no Vallejo officer has been disciplined for using deadly force, despite multiple shootings of unarmed people—including a man holding a can of beer. And active police union leaders have been involved in the shooting investigations....

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