, May 23, 2022

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Vallejo school district to lift mask mandate Monday

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Vallejo school district to lift mask mandate Monday
Vallejo City Unified School District.

VALLEJO – The Vallejo school district will no longer require students, teachers and other staff members to wear face coverings in most cases starting Monday, district spokeswoman Celina Baguiao confirmed this week.

Masks will still be required during large indoor gatherings like assemblies and meetings.

“Following the decreasing number of COVID cases and hospitalizations in our community, the District feels it is safe not to require masks but understands that some may feel safer while wearing one,” Baguiao said. “Therefore, schools will continue to provide face coverings for those who would like to use them.”

Friday is the last day the state requires students to wear masks in the classroom. In addition, the district joins local municipalities that have dropped similar mandates over the past month. The state rescinded its general mask mandate starting Feb. 15 and 11 regional counties – including Solano County – dropped their own mandates the same day.

The Vallejo City Council unanimously voted to rescind the city’s mask mandate on Feb. 22, joining the city of Benicia which lifted its face covering requirement a week prior.

The number of COVID cases in Solano County has decreased significantly following a surge over the holiday season driven by the highly infectious omicron variant, according to data from Solano County Public Health.

As of March 6, the county had an infection rate of 49 cases over a seven day period, down from 1,100 cases recorded over a seven day period on Jan. 15.

Vallejo required individuals 4 years and older to wear a face covering while inside any buildings open to the general public. These spaces included grocery stories, office buildings, laundromats, and restaurants. Unvaccinated individuals are still required to continue wearing masks in enclosed public spaces under state regulations which are now in effect.

About the same time after lifting the city’s mask mandate, the Vallejo City Council agreed to return to in-person meetings. It held its first such meeting during the last two months this week.

The Vallejo school board voted last month to continue holding its meetings via teleconference.

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