, June 25, 2022

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Vallejo deputy police chief fired

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Vallejo deputy police chief fired
Deputy Police Chief Michael Kihmm was fired on Friday. Photo: Vallejo Police Department.

VALLEJO - Multiple sources confirmed to the Vallejo Sun that deputy Police Chief Michael Kihmm was fired on Friday.

An email sent to Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams seeking comment on his decision to let Kihmm go was not immediately returned.

Williams’ decision to fire Kihmm shocked city officials as Williams hired Kihmm from his old agency, the San Jose Police Department, just last year.

Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams was lured away from San Jose in December 2019. A year later he named Kihmm as one of the two deputy police chiefs.

Kihmm is the third person to leave the deputy chief position under Williams. Former interim Police Chief Joe Allio also served as interim assistant police chief from July to October 2020, before the position’s title was changed to deputy police chief. Former Police Chief Joseph Kreins served as interim deputy police chief from December 2020 until he departed the force in May.

Kihmm began with the Vallejo Police Department in December 2020. He made an annual salary of $222,364, according to a conditional offer of employment.

Vallejo police announced last week that Jason Ta, another of Williams’ former colleagues from San Jose, was hired as a second deputy chief. Ta started in the position on Monday, just days before Kihmm was fired.

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