, October 27, 2021

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  September 15, 2021

Senior Vallejo police official confirmed badge bending ritual to PR firm days after news broke

Allio’s email reveals that the department disclosed details to a PR consultant that it still has not publicly confirmed....

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  March 24, 2021

Vallejo is experiencing an epidemic of police shootings — and many of the victims have been unarmed

The Appeal examined 17 fatal shootings by the Vallejo police over the last decade and found at least six cases where the person shot may have been unarmed....

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  January 14, 2021

Vallejo officers cleared of any wrongdoing in McCoy shooting

VALLEJO – A special prosecutor has determined that six Vallejo police officers were...

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  October 01, 2020

Vallejo police officer fired for violating policies in Willie McCoy shooting

A Vallejo police officer was fired this week after he violated several departmental...

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  September 21, 2020

How protests over police violence are changing a city where officers kill with near-impunity

As protests against racism and police violence were sweeping the country, a Vallejo, California detective shot and killed Sean Monterrosa. His death has galvanized a community....

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  September 04, 2020

Vallejo agrees to $5.7 million settlement in police shooting of Ronell Foster

The family of Ronell Foster will receive $5.7 million to settle a...

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