, June 25, 2022

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  April 27, 2022

Mike Malone appointed permanent Vallejo city manager

Malone's appointment wasn’t unanimous as Councilmember Cristina Arriola, District 6, voted against his appointment while at-large councilmembers Katy Miessner and Hakeem Brown were absent....

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  December 06, 2021

Commission approves sending letter urging Vallejo City Council to move homeless encampment

The only change made to the letter Monday night was to the last sentence, clarifying that the commission would be willing to cooperate with the installation of a fence....

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  February 01, 2021

Councilmember Brown confronts commission applicant who posted racial slur about him

Brown pressed Julie Stratton, who is white, to explain herself after she wrote in a Facebook post last May that both Brown and former Mayor Osby Davis displayed “the Old Uppity Kneegrow (sic) syndrome…”...

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