Sep 12, 2023

Vallejo public employee unions blast council over proposed city manager raise

The unions excoriated the city council and staff for proposing the 3% wage increase for City Manager Mike Malone....

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  Oct 04, 2022

Dispatch manager leaves Vallejo, compounding staff shortage

The manager wrote a memo to police Chief Shawny Williams proposing to outsource police and fire dispatch services to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office....

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  Apr 06, 2022

Vallejo City Council to vote on displaying Ukrainian flag

City staff is recommending the flag be displayed on the flagpole in front of city hall for six months, with the council revisiting the issue in August....

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  Dec 15, 2021

Vallejo City Council approves over $7 million in salary increases for city employees

Several of the councilmembers said they supported the raises as a way to keep Vallejo competitive with other cities when it came to employee pay....

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  Dec 13, 2021

Vallejo City Council expected to approve raises for city staff Tuesday

If approved, employees in each group will receive a 2% salary increase this year....

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