, May 24, 2022

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Deputy City Attorney Dylan Brady leaves Vallejo

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Deputy City Attorney Dylan Brady leaves Vallejo

VALLEJO – While City Manager Greg Nyhoff deals with the departure of Human Resources Director Heather Ruiz, newly hired City Attorney Veronica Nebb will need to fill a vacancy of her own.

Nebb confirmed to JohnGlidden.com this week that Deputy City Attorney Dylan Brady left the city of Vallejo in late January to take an assistant city attorney position with the city of Petaluma.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Brady said his decision to leave Vallejo was not an easy one.

“I was proud of what staff and I were able to achieve in my four years working for the City,” Brady wrote in an email to JohnGlidden.com “Vallejo is a great city and the staff there are dedicated to improving the City. I’m born and raised in Santa Rosa, so the opportunity to work closer and improve my community was what led to my decision to depart.”

Brady had been handling “land use and transactional matters in the office, replacing an attorney who left the city,” Nebb said. Brady worked on the North Mare Island term sheet and exclusive right to negotiate between the city and Nimitz Group.

He replaced Shannon Eckmeyer, who left Vallejo to take a job with the city of San Diego in July 2020.

Prior to his transfer to land use issues, Brady worked with the city’s Neighborhood Law Program (NLP), a collaborative effort between city departments and the community to tackle blight and nuisance issues in the city.

Nebb confirmed that the city anticipates filling “authorized vacant positions in the City Attorney’s office.” 

JohnGlidden.com reported last week that Ruiz is leaving Vallejo in March to take a job with the city of Napa. Ruiz has served as interim deputy city manager since September 2020.


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