, October 18, 2021

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Allio out as interim assistant police chief

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Allio out as interim assistant police chief

Nearly three months after he was re-hired to serve as the city’s interim assistant police chief, Joseph Allio has resigned, the city announced Tuesday night.

Through multiple sources, JohnGlidden.com learned Allio had left the city. When asked for comment Tuesday morning, Vallejo police spokeswoman Brittany K. Jackson said she needed to speak with city officials to gather more information about Allio’s departure.

Shortly before 6 p.m., Jackson issued a press release stating that Allio resigned on Oct. 1 to care for his terminally ill daughter.

“I am grateful for Joe’s guidance and support during his time at Vallejo PD,” Vallejo police Chief Williams said in a statement released by the city. “Joe is someone who has always believed in ‘family-first’ and he is my confidant and friend. We at the department fully support and stand behind his decision. Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with Joe and his family during this time.” 

Allio departure comes as the department is embroiled in multiple controversies. In July, Williams was hit was news that officers in the department bent their badges each time they were involved in a fatal shooting. An investigation was launched.

In addition, the police department and Vallejo Police Officers’ Association have had a running public feud since the June 2 shooting of Sean Monterrosa outside a Vallejo Walgreens.

The union, headed by Vallejo police Lt. Michael Nichelini, has criticized Williams’ decisions, including the chief’s push for an assistant police chief.

The position is responsible for the “the day-to-day internal activities” of the department, and is tasked with implementing the 45 recommendations from the OIR Group.

Hired by the city to analyze the department, the firm concluded the Williams needs to hire community service officers “to provide timely responses to property crimes,” ensure effective internal audits, make the front lobby open more to the public, and “find ways to provide promotional opportunities and mentoring for female officers and officers of color.”

The union has also questioned the department’s need for an assistant police chief; especially since the position is not represented by the VPOA. All officers up to the department’s three police captains are represented by the union.

Prior to his return to Vallejo, Allio served as interim police chief for about five months before Williams began as chief in November 2019.

Jackson said the city and police department will continue to look for a new interim police chief.

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